Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eleven is Heaven

The Dallas Mavericks took down the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday to take them to thier 11 straight victory. Dirk Nowitzki left the stadium during the first quarter complaining of blurry vision, something no one on a professional basketball court needs. He was checked out by the team specialist and declared able to return to all basketball related activities. With Dirk gone, the rest of the Mavs stepped their game up the way Nowitzki would have wanted. Both Josh Howard and Jerry Stackhouse scored over 20 points while Erick Dampier took down more rebounds than points. The Raptors saw an opportunity with Nowitzki out and brought their score within 5 points of Dallas. It was the closest they would get. The win over the Toronto Raptors put the team on thier 3rd longest winning streak ever at 11 consecutive games. We shall see if they can increase that number tommorow, December 1st against the Sacramento Kings at home in the American Airlines Center.