Friday, November 25, 2005

Diop that Ball and Give it to Dirk

The Dallas Mavericks faced the Houston Rockets this week and they won in true Mavs style. DeSagana Diop, Marquis Daniels and of course Dirk Nowitzki (31 points) were the stars of the game. Devin Harris played pretty fired up and Josh Howard was all over the ball with 11 rebounds. Before halftime Houston was ahead. Allowing the opponent to lead early in the game is the Mavericks’ signature method. They let the other team get worn out trying to maintain a small advantage and then speed the game up in the third and fourth, stealing the lead from their weary rival. This strategy keeps fans on the edge of their seats worrying whether they are witnessing complex tactics or the beginning of a loss. Let’s hope we have a good plan for beating the Heat and Grizzlies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Like Jason Love Dirk

The Dallas Mavericks have been winning against the Hornets since 1999 and shooting 51 percent is the way to do it. With Avery Johnson’s defensive influence on the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki’s new leadership role, they are shining bright early in the season. Their 109-103 win over the Hornets was a result of the Nowitzki-Terry combo. Dirk had 30 to Jason Terry’s 26 and Keith Van Horn was a big influence with 15 points. Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry are becoming this team’s dynamic duo. Let’s hope they keep this up and extend this winning run.