Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mavs Beat Pacers and not Lakers. Why?

The Dallas Mavericks are on an impressive three game winning streak and have faced some formidable opponents. First of all we pulled off a win over the Indiana Pacers and they have been doing really well this season. We beat the Kings and Seattle on their own courts and have been consistently scoring over a hundred points per game for a while. With all this in mind I am very upset that we played so poorly against the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is carrying that team on his own and with Dirk and Stackhouse out there we had the answer. The Mavs just couldn’t get their confidence up all game and I don’t know why.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Stackhouse Appears on the Court Tonight

Jerry Stackhouse, an integral part of the Dallas Mavericks, has been missing all season due to injury. Well he returns tonight and this fan can’t wait to see him play again. Unfortunately Josh Howard, who returned recently, has had a couple of games in which he performed poorly on offense. It seems like he is falling back into his bad habit of not passing the ball but he has been there for the rebounds. Hopefully Stackhouse can bring some fire with him to inspire these Mavericks to out perform their past few games. Losing to the Lakers hurt bad knowing we could have beaten them so easily if we had been on our game.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Howard Back in Action

Josh Howard is back and things are looking exciting. He had a big game against the Phoenix Suns last night after the Mavs loss to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers the day before. Howard returned in full form taking on the leadership role he had left to Marquis Daniels and Dirk when he was injured. Josh looked very strong and had 18 points and played for 35 minutes. He only played 12 minutes in the recent game against the Lakers so one can hope Howard will be a driving force in beating them next week now that he’s in the lead.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Three D’s and Defense

DeSagana Diop, Dirk Nowitzki and Marquis Daniels are my absolute favorite D’s. These guys are the flash and bang of the Mavericks squad. They put up the points every game and are the realization of a defensive dream for the Mavs. It’s amazing that we’ve had a few great seasons but it is all the more satisfying this season with the Mavs beating teams like the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons. The combo of the three D’s on the court is magic and even when they are off the field we have great producers like, Devin Harris, Adrian Griffin and Josh Howard (when he’s not injured). In my opinion the D’s are going to take us far this season.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Howard’s Leadership Missed against the Bucks

Josh Howard was sorely missed in the Dallas Mavericks' loss to the San Antonio Spurs. His absence was felt as our team failed to produce in the last few minutes of the game. As we all know, ankle injuries are very serious and often take players out for weeks and even full seasons. We need Josh Howard if we are going to perform better than we have in these past two games with the Spurs and Bucks. Marquis Daniels stepped up to help in Howard’s stead but it just wasn’t enough. Let’s hope we can get Josh Howard back soon as we are facing the Bulls, Pacers and Grizzlies in the days ahead.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Diop that Ball and Give it to Dirk

The Dallas Mavericks faced the Houston Rockets this week and they won in true Mavs style. DeSagana Diop, Marquis Daniels and of course Dirk Nowitzki (31 points) were the stars of the game. Devin Harris played pretty fired up and Josh Howard was all over the ball with 11 rebounds. Before halftime Houston was ahead. Allowing the opponent to lead early in the game is the Mavericks’ signature method. They let the other team get worn out trying to maintain a small advantage and then speed the game up in the third and fourth, stealing the lead from their weary rival. This strategy keeps fans on the edge of their seats worrying whether they are witnessing complex tactics or the beginning of a loss. Let’s hope we have a good plan for beating the Heat and Grizzlies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Like Jason Love Dirk

The Dallas Mavericks have been winning against the Hornets since 1999 and shooting 51 percent is the way to do it. With Avery Johnson’s defensive influence on the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki’s new leadership role, they are shining bright early in the season. Their 109-103 win over the Hornets was a result of the Nowitzki-Terry combo. Dirk had 30 to Jason Terry’s 26 and Keith Van Horn was a big influence with 15 points. Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry are becoming this team’s dynamic duo. Let’s hope they keep this up and extend this winning run.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Just Wondering

Just wondering how many of you Dallas fans out there are true Maverick fans. How many of you fans jumped on the band wagon this season because of the Mavs playoff run.

And for those of you who followed this team all season, when did you become a Maverick fans? How did you become Maverick a fan? And why did you become a Maverick fan?

Monday, May 30, 2005

One or the Other

Who is better Shaquille O’Neal or Wilt Chamberlin?

Now before anyone decides to answer this question, one should take time to think about it. To think about all the factors that comes into play.

For one I am not a big fan of Shaq but the man is very good at what he does and will some day join Wilt in the Basketball Hall of Fame.But consider it was two different eras and two different styles. It is almost like comparing Joe Montana to Brett Favre, both great players but two different eras. So what do you all think?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

KG for Dirk?

It was about this time last year that owner Mark Cuban had a decision to make. Steve Nash was a free agent and was offered a $66 million dollar deal by the Phoenix Suns. Nash didn’t want to leave Dallas and said he wanted to stay if Cuban matched the offer, but that didn’t happen and Nash left.

Now they are some rumors flying around that a possible trade could happen between the T’wolves and the Mavericks, the players being Dirk Nowitzki for Kevin Garnett. I just don’t know if that would be an improvement or not. Right now I am leaning towards it being a good idea, for one Nowitzki does really feel comfortable in Avery Johnson new style of play and secondly KG will be good on any team that he plays for. Hopefully this time Cuban will make the right decision.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Check Back

You should be proud of your Dallas Mavericks. They seemed almost about to pull an upset, in what many experts said would be no contest against the offensive power house, the Phoenix Suns.

The Mavs were able to pull toe to toe with the Suns as the series was tied at 2-2. I think the Suns where the most surprised at of anyone, and the least surprised would be head coach Avery Johnson of the Mavericks.

It has been Johnson’s ‘Spurs’ like defensive that has kept the Mavs in Playoff contention. Keep up the good work Mavs for next season.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Against the Wall

In 114-108 loss to the Suns, the Mavericks find themselves frustrated not being able to win with their 108 points. In the loss Jerry Stackhouse had 29 points and six rebounds. Stackhouse mustard out as much as he could, hitting 11-of-21 shots including 3-of-6 from the 3-point line. Dirk Nowitzki also had good game posting up 34 points and 10 boards in Game 5. Now with the Suns leading the series 3-2, we head back to Dallas for a game 6.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Hustle

With the game nearing the end it was left in the hands of team captain Dirk Nowitzki. He finished with 23 points, but the most important points of them all were his last two. In his last effort to win, with just a few seconds left, Dirk shot a turnaround jumper to lift the Mavericks over the Suns 108-106.

The Mavs did a great job on the defensive side of the ball by holding the Suns to their lowest score since the Suns have been in the playoffs. The Mavs also forced the Suns to shot 41.6 percent when the club average is 51 percent. The series is now tied at 1-1 and game 3 will be held in Dallas this Friday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Little Disappointed

``You're angry, you're disappointed. They scored 130 points (it was really 127) and they were laughing at us.''
It is a little obvious that Dirk Nowitzki is upset and embarrassed after game one against the Phoenix Suns. The Suns blasted the Mavs 102 – 127 and the assault was lead by Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire 40 point performance.

Dirk played his game well by leading his team with 28 points and 13 rebounds, although that is pretty much where the effort ended for the Mavs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What Happened?

The Dallas Mavericks are in hole, a 0-2 hole, and are looking to rebound out of it. No play on words there. Head Coach Johnson is trying got install a stronger 'D' and it seemed to be working in the last stretch of the regular season.

But one of the interstate rivals, the Houston Rockets, are putting a fight. A fight that most analyst said the outcome would be in the our fellow Mavs favor. Well it seems to be in the Rockets favor right now. Now the Mavs have to travel over to Houston to face the Rockets for a game 3.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Defensively Strong

Yes, for the Dallas Mavericks it seems the defense will just continue to improve with new coach Avery Johnson at the reins. Under Johnson the Mavs are undefeated at home and 11-2 over all. Not to shabby for the x-Spur.

Dallas hosted the Memphis Grizzles on Monday night and won the contest with the final score being 110-89. This means that under Johnson the Mavs were able to pull off there longest home steak, making it 8 games strait at home.
"We don't have to score 30 points per quarter to win," well said Dirk. Nowitzki a vital part to the engine that runs the Mavs had 19 points and 8 boards. "Defense is the key to our success."
Defense is the key to success but also shooting 49 percents and out rebounding other teams sure helps as well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mavericks 95, Pistons 88

by Associated Press, from
When the Dallas Mavericks play the Detroit Pistons, a dominating defensive performance isn't a surprise.

Unless it comes from the Mavericks.

Dallas held Detroit to 23 points in the game's first 22 minutes and went on to beat the slumping Pistons 95-88 on Monday night.

"I'm not worried about how many points they have or what their shooting percentage was," new Dallas coach Avery Johnson said. "I'm happy with the fact that we are taking teams deeper into the shot clock and making them rush shots. Earlier in the season, that didn't happen - we were only playing defense for 12 or 14 seconds. To win, you have to play defense for the whole 24."

Shawn Bradley knows that tough defense hasn't always been the Mavericks' trademark.

"We know our offense is going to roll - we have All-World scorers out there," he said. "But the X factor for us is going to be maintaining a solid defense. Tonight, we beat Detroit with mental toughness. That's not something this team has exactly been known for."

The Mavericks have won six of seven, while the defending champions lost for the fourth time in five games.

"We definitely have to go back to what got us winning basketball games," said Tayshaun Prince. "I'm hoping we can regain our focus."

Josh Howard led Dallas with 24 points, while Dirk Nowitzki added 22 and Keith Van Horn had 17 off the bench.

"That was like a playoff game," Howard said. "It's good to beat the champs. I know they are in a slump, but they played a terrific game tonight."

Chauncey Billups led the Pistons with 26 and Richard Hamilton added 23, but the Pistons bench only managed a season-low two points. Detroit's top perimeter backups - Lindsey Hunter, Carlos Arroyo and Carlos Delfino - have gone scoreless in 41 combined minutes over the last two games.

"I thought our starters played hard, but we have to find a way to get some production from the bench," Pistons interim coach Gar Heard said. "We still have a lot of new guys that we are trying to work in, and we have not had a lot of time to practice."

Dallas led by 17 points with 90 seconds left in the first half, but Detroit went on a quick 8-0 run to pull within 42-33 at the intermission. The Pistons continued the rally after the break and went ahead 51-50 on Billups' three free throws midway through the third.

Dallas regained the lead late in the quarter, then saw Devin Harris beat Arroyo down the floor and hit a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to give them a 70-65 edge.

"I thought that was the turning point of the game," Heard said. "It would have been easier to go into the fourth down two. We have to stop the ball there."

Billups hit three 3-pointers in the first three minutes of the fourth period, but Van Horn had two 3s and a short jumper to help the Mavericks stay ahead 80-74 with 9:20 to go.

Howard's three-point play with 6:07 remaining go made it 86-76 and the Pistons never threatened again. game. His return is still uncertain. The Pistons are 8-8 without Brown this year. ... The Pistons' bench got their only points on Darvin Ham's dunk in the last minute of the third quarter. The Dallas reserves, led by Van Horn, scored 26. ... Rasheed Wallace picked up a third-quarter technical, his eighth in the last 11 games. ... The road team won both games in the season series.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Mavericks 122, Kings 113

Jaime Aron / Associated Press
The Sacramento Kings opened their first game without Chris Webber on a 10-0 run. When they got down by 12 in the second quarter, they hung tough and were up by nine in the fourth quarter.

Yet it wasn't enough to start a new era with a victory.

Dirk Nowitzki scored 17 of his 34 points in the fourth quarter and Michael Finley hit two clutch 3-pointers in the closing minutes, helping the Dallas Mavericks pull out a 122-113 victory Thursday night in a matchup of teams left short-handed following the trade deadline.

Both teams played just eight players, but Dallas used its bench more and the fresh legs seemed to pay off in the end. The Mavericks used a 13-2 run to go ahead for good with 4:39 left and scored a season-best 40 points in the fourth quarter while the weary, emotionally drained Kings went nearly 4{ minutes without a field goal down the stretch.

Webber might have shaken things up with a dunk, a jumper or an assist. But he's now a member of the Philadelphia 76ers after being traded the night before, leaving his former teammates to spend all day talking about how their roles and the team's outlook have changed.

"It was obviously different without him," said center Brad Miller, who had 16 points and 15 rebounds. "He was playing real well for us and not having him out there took some time to get used to. He's the guy everyone would look to and it was up to the rest of us to step it up. We're going to have to fill his shoes and make adjustments."

The Mavericks' bench was thin because big men Alan Henderson and Calvin Booth were traded to Milwaukee for Keith Van Horn, and Jerry Stackhouse missed a fourth straight game with a groin injury. Then Devin Harris blindly ran into a pick by Miller late in the third quarter and was lost to a strained neck; Mavs coach Don Nelson was ejected for arguing that no foul was called on the play.

"I'm really proud of us gutting this win out," said assistant coach Avery Johnson, who took over for Nelson. "They handled a lot of adversity during the course of the game. ... Everybody that touched the court tonight contributed in some way."

Dallas trailed 98-89 with 9:02 left before its final surge. Nowitzki put them ahead for good on a short jumper and Josh Howard followed with a dunk in transition that turned into a three-point play. Finley stretched the lead to 112-107, then hit another 3 with 1:42 left to make it 117-110. Sacramento never got closer than four again.

Marquis Daniels had season-highs with 29 points and eight assists, plus nine rebounds in his first start since Dec. 6, and Finley added 22 points, six rebounds and four assists.

Mike Bibby and Cuttino Mobley each scored 26 for the Kings, and Darius Songaila got off to a good start in his increased role by posting a career-high 23 points and a season-high 12 rebounds.

The Kings dressed the league-minimum of eight players because Webber and two reserves were traded and their replacements hadn't arrived, plus Peja Stojakovic was out with a strained hamstring. They were good in stretches and led nearly all the third quarter, but couldn't keep it up.

"We bonded together and had a chance to win, we just got tired at the end," Sacramento coach Rick Adelman said.

Sacramento's reserves played a total of 29 minutes, with none logging more than 10. All three of Dallas' bench players logged at least 21 minutes.

The Kings lost for the third time in four games and seventh in nine. This loss made for a bad start to a six-game, nine-day road trip that continues Saturday - in Philadelphia, against Webber and the 76ers.

Playing at home for the first time in 16 days, Dallas maintained the momentum of its 5-0 road trip, a franchise best that included wins in Phoenix, Seattle and Sacramento.

Howard had 16 points and nine rebounds, and Harris added 11 points before getting hurt.

Dallas trailed 84-78 with 1:27 left in the third when Nelson was ejected. The non-foul on Miller was merely the last straw, as the Mavericks hadn't gone to the foul line since 2:47 of the first quarter - while the Kings had taken 25 free throws in that span - and several close calls had just gone against them. Nelson ran onto the court and had to be pushed away from official Kevin Fehr.

Dallas improved to 3-0 against Sacramento this season, giving the Mavs the tiebreaker if they finish with the same record. Dallas has won seven of the last eight regular-season meetings with Sacramento, although the Kings beat them 4-1 in last year's playoffs. a fifth straight game. ... Bibby has scored at least 20 in six straight games against the Mavs and nine of his last 10. ... Dallas activated rookie C Pavel Podkolzin to fill the roster spot created by the two-for-one trade.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


It was the Kings who where left begging for a goaltending call that was never called. That must have sucked. Personally, I feel Erick Dampier’s block was a block and not goaltending like the Kings say.

I would understand why Sacramento would feel that way. In a two point loss where the wining 3-point play came right after that, I would have argued that too.

Dallas went on to win 115-113, but it wasn’t like the Kings didn’t have a chance to win. Bibby missed an open 3 pointer at the buzzer, which is some what uncharacteristic of him.

O well, Go Mavs!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Preview Mavs/Heat

Heat - 1st place, Southeast Division.
Mavericks 2nd place, 6 GB, Southwest Division.

Mavericks, 1-0.

Heat - 16-8 on the road
Mavericks - 16-8 at home.

Heat - F Malik Allen (back); F Jerome Beasley (back); G-F Wesley Person (knee); G-F Dorell Wright (abdominal strain).
Mavericks - G Tariq Abdul-Wahad (knee); G Marquis Daniels (ankle); C Pavel Podkolzin (knee)

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Who's at fualt

Bobcats went to the free throw line just 16 times against the Mavericks, while Dallas attempted 31 free throws in the 105-99 loss.

Times are tough, and when you are an expansion team they tend to get tougher as the season rolls on.

However, there might be a legitimate excuse for the Bobcats to actually complain about the way games have been called. Which obviously is not in there favor. Regardless of who is to blame, I feel the more the Bobcats complain the more fouls they will get called on them and less calls given to them.

Monday, January 03, 2005

3 in a Row

It is the third win in a row for the Dallas Mavericks, who have seemed to control early in their last few games by pulling ahead in the first quater on more than one occasion.

The Mavericks made 47 of thier 89 field goals, which is pretty good. That means the team made an overall 53 percent of thier shots. Nowitzki alone shot 14-of-25 and Nowitzki scored 39 points to make it his 11th 30-point game of the season. Josh Howard scored 25 points in the fourth, while Jerry Stackhouse had 16 points coming off the bench.

The Mavs won 123-104 against the Bucks.